Neo4j google kubernetes dump is failed

i have an issue with making dump from neo4j which has installed on google Kubernetes.
when i run below command i receive => The database is in use. Stop database 'graph.db' and try again.
neo4j-admin dump --database=graph.db --to=<path>
then i try to run: neo4j stop
but receive => Neo4j not running
while neo4j is already running and accessible.

how can i stop database and making a dump ?

Try stopping the database first by issuing the cypher statement

stop database graph.db;

see Queries - Operations Manual for more details.

To restart the database run cypher

start database graph.db;

i'm using v3.5 so this cypher query is not supported what is the solution for v3.5?

Any update on this, how can backup Neo4J 3.5 on docker?