Neo4j deployment with unmanaged extension on the board


(Mikhail) #1

Hello guys, I need your help to integrate my unmanaged extension based on GraphAware Framework into Neo4j Casual Cluster on AWS.

We use CloudFormation template from AWS Marketplace (, so can you help and explain me what is the proper way to modify it for our needs?

I tried to modify UserData section in it (line 1407-1412)

but without success. So I think I do it wrong...

(M. David Allen) #2

I think we followed up about this on slack, but in the UserData section you can write a shell script that executes when your node starts up.

The thing to do is to append config to your neo4j template config, something like this:

echo "my.config.setting=whatever" >> /etc/neo4j/neo4j.template

This will edit the config correctly as per the Neo4j Cloud VM documentation here:

Finally, you might want to add extra statements to this startup shell script (in the user data section) to download your extension JARs and place them into /var/lib/neo4j/plugins.

So in the end....just a few extra lines of shell script, and it should work.

(Mikhail) #3

Hi David, thank you for in a chat help.
I did a small changes in UserData for all cluster members ( and now it works.
Thank you!