Neo4j deployment with unmanaged extension on the board

Hello guys, I need your help to integrate my unmanaged extension based on GraphAware Framework into Neo4j Casual Cluster on AWS.

We use CloudFormation template from AWS Marketplace (AWS Marketplace: Neo4j Enterprise Causal Cluster), so can you help and explain me what is the proper way to modify it for our needs?

I tried to modify UserData section in it (line 1407-1412)

but without success. So I think I do it wrong...

I think we followed up about this on slack, but in the UserData section you can write a shell script that executes when your node starts up.

The thing to do is to append config to your neo4j template config, something like this:

echo "my.config.setting=whatever" >> /etc/neo4j/neo4j.template

This will edit the config correctly as per the Neo4j Cloud VM documentation here: Neo4j Cloud Virtual Machines - Developer Guides

Finally, you might want to add extra statements to this startup shell script (in the user data section) to download your extension JARs and place them into /var/lib/neo4j/plugins.

So in the end....just a few extra lines of shell script, and it should work.

Hi David, thank you for in a chat help.
I did a small changes in UserData for all cluster members (UserData · GitHub) and now it works.
Thank you!

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