Neo4j.conf reseted when restarting the service

Hello there

I'm working with the Neo4j 4.2.2 image for Google Cloud Computing Engine platform.

Every time I restart the neo4j service with the "sudo systemctl restart neo4j" command,
all the modifications I did in the neo4j.conf file in /etc/neo4j/neo4j.conf are gone.

Is this the way for neo4j to say "there was something wrong in your file so I just trashed it and start fresh from the last one who was working" ?

If yes, that's not nice, I would like to know it. " We have an error with the Neo4j Desktop version and neo4j doesn't start".

Thanks for your advice


I forgot to browse a bit online before posting and I figure out there was a file with the Google Cloud Compute Engine instance images to make sure that things like the IP address is up to date.

Shame on me :) But anyway if someone struggle with the same issue the neo4j.conf is indeed rewritten every time you restart the service in a cloud environment.