Neo4j Causal Clustering Fails to Start with cloudformation

Hi everyone.

I have failed to start a causal cluster in AWS with this product from the marketplace AWS Marketplace: Neo4j Enterprise Causal Cluster

When I deploy the cloudformation process I got this first error:

After that, I got this several errors that conclude with a rollback

I have sent a ticket to AWS and they answered me with a solution:

The solution to this is to create at least one new subnet in each Availability Zone. This should be marked as default automatically.

After several attempts, I noticed that the cloudformation template is trying to create a new VPC but I think that the process fails because there are no available subnets for that VPC.
With that in mind, I was thinking that a possible solution could be to create/use a custom VPC with subnets in each available zone but I found that this approach could be more difficult according to this: Deploying Neo4j on AWS Using CloudFormation - Knowledge Base

At this point, I still believe that the problem is related to the subnets? Maybe the subnet creation in the cloudformation?

I would appreciate any help/solution to this.

UPDATE: I could solve this problem by creating three default subnets in different availability zones via CLI commands. I didn't need to change the cloudformation template.