Neo4j BigQuery Connector

I put together a set of node.js scripts to export Neo4j databases to Google Cloud / BigQuery.

The repository can be found here:

Basically, I was looking for a way to integrate data in my graphs with the data warehouse google offers, because there are so many cloud APIs you can use on top of that. This is just a one-off connector, but I wanted to post it here to make sure others could discover it and use if they have similar problems. Feel free to follow up with questions, or post in the cloud topic to let us know about what you're working on and what kinds of integrations you need.


Hello David, The github link does not work anymore. Is there a different link now?

I have a usecase to load data from Bigquery to Neo4j. It would be helpful if you can provide some info there.


@mukherjee.kallol the best option for bi-directional connections to BigQuery at present is the Neo4j Spark Connector, used with something like dataproc.