Neo4j-admin import command for community edition

This link (Neo4j Admin import - Operations Manual) talks about using admin import tool for importing large graph data along with a create database statement.
The import statement succeeded, however, I could not get my database created and having been facing the same issue as explained in another post here.

Is the neo4j-admin import command to be used only in Enterprise and Desktop versions?

Per Graph Database Options | Neo4j Graph Data Platform Subscriptions , Community Edition is only allowed 1 database and to which the default is named neo4j. It should also be noted that one can only run neo4j-admin import into a empty/new database, as well as the database should not be online. Given Community, one would stop all of Neo4j and then run neo4j-admin import and import into the database named neo4j

@dana.canzano Thanks for the reply.

I was only trying to create a database named 'neo4j', unlike the other post, yet I faced "unsupported administration command" error.

I do not have this issue with Neo4j Desktop, so I am aware of the requirements before doing the bulk import.