Neo4j 3.4.7 added to Google Cloud Platform - Cluster and Single Node, Community and Enterprise

Hi all,

We recently built updated images and marketplace entries for Neo4j 3.4.7 on GCP. Users can now launch single instance or clustered deploys of Neo4j. All images include both APOC and Graph Algorithms.

Anyone can launch Community. For Enterprise instances, please fill out this link to either register your cloud instance (if you're an existing customer) or get a 30-day evaluation license if you don't have one.

We store our public images in the google cloud project called launcher-public. The two new images within that project are:

  • neo4j-enterprise-1-3-4-7-apoc
  • neo4j-community-1-3-4-7-apoc

Useful documentation!

We'd love to hear how people are using these, so please follow up if you have any questions.