Multiplication with floats in Neo4j 4.2.7

Hi everyone,

I just updated my database to 4.2.7. When running my software I encountered a weird problem with multiplication of numbers which is probably best explained in pictures:


So, apparently there is something wrong with float values and multiplication, since the error does not come up when only adding two floats or multiplying two floats (e.g. 1.0+2.0 or 1.0*2.0).

Confirmed in 4.2.8 too

as you updated my database to 4.2.7 I presume this was successfully working on a prior version?
my testing is such that I get the following results when run via cypher-shell

Neo4j Version      Response
4.0.3                       1.0
4.1.6                       1.0
4.2.8  / 4.3.1          Invalid input '(': expected "+" or "-" (line 1, column 10 (offset: 9))
"return 2*(2.0-1.5);"

further investigating the change in behavior

Thanks for reporting, seems the new parser handles unary / binary - incorrectly.

Only happens for negative floating point numbers in a subtraction, i.e. return 0-1.0

You can work around while it's being fixed by inserting a space after the minus, e.g. return 0- 1.0

Thank you @dana_canzano for reporting back!

Yes, this was working before.

Thanks for the workaround, Michael. This will help me continue for now.