More Weirdness on Search in 4.1.0 and Bloom


Trying to get a 4.1.0 database up and running and getting strange results.

In Browser I do a very simple search
MATCH (n:Word{term:'beam'}) return n

It returns 2 nodes

  • :492 * count:14 * pos:VERB * scale: 1.146128035678238 * term: beam
  • :59 * count:1501 * pos:NOUN * scale:3.1763806922432702 * term:beam

In Bloom:
If I search "beam" only one node is returned

If I do full text search I get 3 nodes with one of the nodes being wrong! It returns a node with the term bear :note r not m.

The indexes are


Added Note: I saw an update to Bloom 1.3.3 come in. It was installed and all the issues still remain.