Modelling explanation


Trying to wrap my head around how modelling works and got stuck.
Looking at this modelling:

HOW would the modelling look like if the User would like to rate the actors in movies?
For instance: if User would like to rate Jack Blacks performance in the movie Kung Fu Panda 3

Thanks a lot

That won't be possible in this current model (a role in a movie is currently captured on the :ACTED_IN relationship, if this is similar to the default movies graph), which tells you you're missing a concept in your graph and the model has to change.

A role or cast node is needed, to represent a character in a movie played by an actor.


Something like that, though I'm blanking for a better term for the concept of an instance of an actor playing a role. There's probably a better way to frame this, but the general idea of needing to extract this concept out as its own node (so we can create multiple relationships to it) is the way to go, if you're not working with a hypergraph database (as Neo4j can't create relationships to other relationships, it isn't a hypergraph database).

This can be in addition to the existing graph structure, it doesn't necessarily need to replace any elements.