Modeling legal texts, regulations, or specifications

For a KM project, we want to model "formal texts" that describe legal or other formal requirements so that we can demonstrate how certain requirements are being met by our processes. Are there any best practices regarding modeling (this kind of) texts?
My first and perhaps naive take is to have a node for every paragraph with the properties number, title, and full text; all of these paragraph nodes (apart from the last one in a chapter) have a [:next] relationship to determine sequence while being embedded in a hierarchy like (b:Book)-[:HAS_PART]->(c:chapter)-[:HAS_PART]->(p:Paragraph). We are not a publishing house, so this kind of granularity is sufficient for our purposes. Nevertheless, I'd be interested if anyone has found (and found ways to avoid) any stumbling blocks along some similar way.

best regards and TIA,