Mitsutoshi Kiuchi - Team Lead & Consultant at Creationline Japan

Hi Neo4j community members,

I'm Mitsutoshi Kiuchi, leading Data Science team at Creationline in Japan.
With my 2.5 yrs Neo4j experience, I'm introducing Neo4j among Japanese companies.

My Neo4j experience is mainly on tech perspective, so I would learn some deployment know-hows and use cases from community.

Best and Warm Regards,

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Welcome to our new community site.

Thanks a lot for introducing Japanese Companies and Developers to Neo4j. For the areas where you want to learn. Easiest is to deploy Neo4j clusters to the cloud and for use-cases we have a number of case-studies but also examples e.g. in

Congrats, Mitsutoshi!!!

We're picking 5 people at random who introduced themselves in the new community site for the next 5 weeks, and your name was selected!

I will DM you with $50 code you can use in the Neo4j Graph Gear Store!

Thanks, Micheal.
GraphGist is sweet and easy to learn use-cases where Neo4j comes in.

Wow ! Thanks much, Karin !
T-shirt is good for me... !