Miro Marchi, graphs and anthropology, consultant and developer


(Miro Marchi) #1

Hi there, it is great to join this new tool for our community-of-practice.
I got interested in graphs for the very reason of understanding how it is possible to foster self-organization in communities-of-practice like this one. During my PhD in Cultural Anthropology I focused more on graph visualizations, but discourse and knowledge sharing tools are the backbone of collaboration.

I am a consultant and front end developer at GraphAware, an amazing company, partner of Neo4j. We work at some very cool projects, where I mainly use JavaScript and Cypher languages.

I really think graphs are one of the most important and useful concept of our times, and I love to deepen my knowledge about the possibilities that are disclosed by their application in out society. Maybe I am not the only one! :smiley:

For a sample of anthropology-graph reading, here is my post about similarity and recommendations.

(Tom) #2

Welcome to the forum Miro ! And I'll also admit I just looked up what anthropology means.

Be sure to mention your blogposts in https://community.neo4j.com/c/community-content-blogs and Greta The Graph Giraffe (she's real, trust me) will pick them up and feature them.


(Miro Marchi) #3

Thanks Tom,
about the blog posts sharing, is it supposed to be for new posts only, or shall i share this one too. Do we (or Greta) have any rule for this?

(Tom) #4

If it is relevant now, by all means share it. We've been picking existing highlights from Neo4j Staff bloggers to get things rolling so why not have yours too !