Migration from Neo4j to Relational DB?

I am curious if there are tools to migrate/populate a relational database from Neo4j? I have seen numerous articles on migrating from a RDBMS to Neo4j, but not the other way around. Looking to use the relational database for reporting.


You can export from CYPHER to CSV e.g. with APOC or by programmatically executing statements and dumping them.

You can also write a small script in any programming language and do the fetch from neo + write to RDBMS there.

You might also be able to use an ETL System like Kettle or Talend to do this.

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For Kettle you can use the Neo4j plugins (get them at http://neo4j.kettle.be).
Take a look at the plugin examples for an exporting in export-to-xls:
GitHub - neo4j-examples/kettle-plugin-examples: Simple examples for the Neo4j Kettle (Pentaho Data Integration) steps.
Instead of the Excel Output step you can write to the relational database of your choice.

I know this is gross.... but is there a way to export the nice and clean many-to-many relationships of a Graph DB into a Relational DB with a Join Table, where the Join Table would have the pair of primary keys to map one type of node to another?

(I imagine primary keys would need to be made...)

This gets more gross the more I think about it...