Migration from Neo4j to Relational DB?


(Powers Rc) #1

I am curious if there are tools to migrate/populate a relational database from Neo4j? I have seen numerous articles on migrating from a RDBMS to Neo4j, but not the other way around. Looking to use the relational database for reporting.


(Michael Hunger) #2

You can export from CYPHER to CSV e.g. with APOC or by programmatically executing statements and dumping them.

You can also write a small script in any programming language and do the fetch from neo + write to RDBMS there.

You might also be able to use an ETL System like Kettle or Talend to do this.

(Matt Casters) #3

For Kettle you can use the Neo4j plugins (get them at http://neo4j.kettle.be).
Take a look at the plugin examples for an exporting in export-to-xls:
Instead of the Excel Output step you can write to the relational database of your choice.