Migrating Store files (to 4.0)

How long should this take for a 1.5 TB database? It's been migrating so far for ~6 hours and neo4j.log still just says:

INFO  [graph.db] Starting upgrade of database
INFO  [graph.db] Migrating Store files (1/6):

Other examples I've seen online indicate it'd output 10%, 20%, etc. But I'm getting nothing. At what point should I consider this "hosed" and restore a backup?

If this is on a computer dedicated to this one database (at that size, I'm going to guess yes?), then you can probably check the disk I/O usage, I'd expect to see disk activity, and I'd let it run 6+ hours then check the console for updates. It looks like it has been 24 hours since you posted, do you have a percentage output now?

Regarding restore time, that depends on a number of factors (e.g. disk speed, CPU load), and 1.5TB is a bigger neo4j db than I've run so far.

As an example, as luck would have it I'm currently restoring a 1TB+ postgres database and it's been running since yesterday. I know it is still running because I can see a lot of activity on those disks, and about every 3-4 hours pg_restore says "creating...." something different.
I know this is a different database type, but it is an example that is smaller than yours and taking more than 24hours+, and I'm only restoring (you are also migrating the db)

Joel, thanks for the reply.

Somewhere along the way the database just stopped (neo4j status reported "not running") and there was no error in debug.log or neo4j.log. It happened sometime after debug.log reported a GC (no other messages after that and no warnings/errors before it).

Identical to this: Migration to 4.0 stops

I've tried 3 times now, each time it just stops. I nuked the upgrade/ directory and just went back to 3.5.3 for now until the issue (whatever it may be) is rectified, or someone can inform me what I'm doing wrong.


I'm having a similar issue.