Metrics - difference between 0 and null?

Hi everyone!

I've made some calculations on my network (eigenvector, degree, etc.) and for some nodes i got the result 0 and null (and by null i mean i got nothing - blank record).

What is the difference between those two outcomes?


Do you have any specific example where you are getting blank record and result 0? This should clarify more the question scope


Hello tfontanella011

Zero could mean that a procedure is executed. What that means depends on what your intent behind executing a thing. On the other hand function does return you some value object. Null means its a function that is designed to return null under specific condition. Once that condition changes it might return some other value that caller will use either to introspect or as signal that tells it about the value it represents.

Thanking you
G Sudhir S


@tfontanella011 & @sameer.gijare14

but network centrality measure can theoretically be 0 as well, which means that the specific node is unimportant, right?