Merge multiple relationship with ID

Here you can see all nodes connected with a single ID but when try to apply Cypher query to
merge all data and export as table form it is not working.

I have used a match query but the data is not showing correctly.

My expected output in CSV will be here mention one data example likewise need to export
more dataset in csv.

My expected output will be in csv

|PMID| AU| copyright| pub| Citation| country|

|2690338| Singer M|Med Inten..| Medline| 4271| United states|

Hello @almastanul and welcome to the Neo4j community :slight_smile:

It is not clear what you expect as result. Can you give us an example of the output you expect?


Hi @cobra I have updated you can review it now.

It should work with this query, feel free to update the RETURN clause:

MATCH (a:id)-[By_copyright]->(b:copyright), (a)-[has_pub_type]->(c:pub), (a)-[Having_citation]->(d:citation), (a)-[By_author]->(e:author), (a)-[Drom_country]->(f:country)
RETURN a, b, c, d, e, f

It is showing no changes, no records.

There is a typo in my query, check every node label and every type of relationship.

Thanks @cobra it is working after correct typo mistake in relationship.

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