Mau Lopez in Mexico City, Data science, Analytics and Machine Learning Lead

Hi everyone, I'm a technologist in charge of designing and deploying innovative IT solutions for the healthcare and insurance sectors in Mexico. Came across Neo4j some months ago and just love it. So far, I've only been trying it but already see a huge potential in certain areas. I'm involved in projects with a mixture of almost everything, form distributed DBs, to wev and mobile development around analytics and ML based solutions. I'm exited to be here and hope that with time I can be of help to the community, which I'm already finding very interesting. Cheers!


Welcome to the Forum !

Hi Mau! Welcome to the community! Thanks for joining us! :)

Hello I'm also from México in the Finance Sector

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you two should connect! (no pun intended!) :smiley: @mau.lopez @leonardo.bouchan