Matching similar nodes and creating a "root" node for the matches

I am trying to find all the 'Person' nodes WHERE firstName, lastName, and dateOfBirth match but other properties may differ.

I want to create a node 'Same' in the following structure: (:Person)-[SAME_AS]->(:Same)

MATCH (a:Person), (b:Person)
a.firstName = b.firstName
AND a.lastName = b.lastName
AND a.birthDts = b.birthDts
MERGE (a)-[pr:SAME_AS]->(c:Same)<-[pr1:SAME_AS]-(b)
RETURN a, b, c;

Any suggestions?

Hi Bruce, to be able to give a good suggestions, could you please explain the purpose for this new node "Same". You could relate similar Persons directly with a SAME_AS relation, which is easier. And be aware to add a condition a <> b to not relate the same Person with itself. With a bit more information about the goal you want to achieve, it would be easier to help.