Logstash Output Plugin

On the page “Neo4j and Elastic Search” at the bottom there’s a section about Logstash plugins written by Pere Urbon. But the section is empty bullet points. A brief look at Github I didn’t find them. Has anyone thought about using Neo4j as the datastore for the Elastic Stack? Seems like if you have a good semantic model for all the things ES logs, you could get a lot of insights into a cloud application.

Ok, here it is:

Well... I’m in JRuby configuration hell. The plugin uses a few different libraries than the latest packaged with Ubuntu 16.04. If anyone has a recommendation for that, let me know. Also, not sure if the plugin. This project seems to be really comprehensive (although it does not have logger integrations):

Interesting idea, I guess so far no one has brought this up. Most work has been in the opposite direction,
also more recent ones like this from @david.allen

When I found that article, I knew that I wasn't alone in the world ;)

Elastic seems to be a terrific solution -- I don't have experience using it in a production environment. But there are a lot of links, ultimately would like to be able to trace those back to commits and lines of source code, configurations, etc.