Java 11 not recognized with Powershell tools

Hello everyone everyone. I am currently trying to run the Invoke-Neo4JAdmin tool to import 4 CSVs into a fresh Neo4J database. However, it chokes on the JAVA validation step (screen shot below). I am using a fresh installation of Neo4J Desktop 1.2.6 on a Windows 10 system. I tried this several times in this order:

  1. No Java installed - stupid me forgot to install Java after removing Java to have a fresh setup
  2. Installed OpenJDK 11.06 x64 - didn't work. Couldn't find JAVA runtime
  3. Installed Java 1.8.0_241 - produced error below

I also want to mention I have installed both 32 and 64 bits of Jave 1.8

I looked at the PowerShell scripts themselves and it looks like it is trying to pull the values from the registery. I see that the Java 1.8 has a runtime key but not the OpenJDK 11. Any help on this? I would like to get this up and running again as last year, this was running great for me. Thanks!