IS data table supported in graphaware neo4j-php-client ? If not Than how to use data table server side in graphware


(Suman Singh) #1

Is Graphware neo4j supported data table server side ? IF not how can we will use data table server side concept in neo4j php ? Please let me know facing issue to display using client side data table which is not suited with large amount of data.

(Christophe Willemsen) #2

What do you mean by data table ?

There is an extensive documentation on how to work with the results returned by a query here :

For other ways of transforming your data to something that makes sense to your application, you will have to do it yourself.

(Suman Singh) #3

I mean data table showing result data into tabular format with all kind of filter on data like descending , ascending order etc You can see detail on this link about data table

Please let me know if you will clear about my requirment?

(Christophe Willemsen) #4

I will not, this has nothing to do with the driver itself. You have to build the part that query data from Neo and return it in a format suitable for datatables.

(Suman Singh) #5

okay thanks i am doing in this way but if data growing i am facing lots of issue to format neo query into data tables. Thanks once again for support I am still searching if i will found i will posted here