Introducing Dave Douglass in Baguio and Pittsburgh

Hi - I'm a semi-retired software guy with experience in machine translation and health insurance applications, and IBM middleware (Message Broker and MQ).
I live in Baguio City, Philippines, most of the time, and am staying temporarily in my home town, Pittsburgh, PA.
I used the HINT graph-processing language long ago, at Michigan State.
My main project these days is on re-casting natural-language aspects of embedded cognition theory into Gordon Pask's cybernetic framework. Many of the notations used in these fields are graph based.
Cognitive metaphor floats my boat.


Welcome Dave! Happy to have you here!!

I'm digging into the tutorials and the desktop.

Fun stuff!


You've really made your way around the globe, David!

Thanks for the feedback. We definitely embrace good and bad feedback, it's the only way for us to tailor things to what you need. :slight_smile:

Do you have more info we can read about your project posted anywhere?