Installing the bloom plugin in a causal cluster

So I've configured a 3-VPS 1-read-replica-vps Enterprise deployment on Google Cloud Services. Super pleased with it, but I'd like to use Bloom and, currently, I can't. Does anyone have any clear instructions on what I need to do to install plugins on these servers? I read that I need to put the plugins (no specific location is mentioned in the official docs, which are all that Google brings up) on every system, but also that I should only configure one server to serve Bloom. How should I handle this?


hi @lytellie you have to set the plugin in this path neo4j-home/plugins, I would choose the read replica to use with bloom

Oh, that's quite simple! Do I need to take all the servers offline or just the replica?

Also, relatedly; I think I've overshot the amount of processing power I need for my causal cluster. If I wanted to drop a VM or even 2 what configuration changes would I need to make? The docs are not specific on this.


well you need to change the memory

# Java Heap Size: by default the Java heap size is dynamically calculated based
# on available system resources. Uncomment these lines to set specific initial
# and maximum heap size.

# The amount of memory to use for mapping the store files.
# The default page cache memory assumes the machine is dedicated to running
# Neo4j, and is heuristically set to 50% of RAM minus the Java heap size.

and you need to follow this steps with the new VM

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