Install Desktop Neo4j on windows7

I installed Desktop Neo4j 1.1.15 on windows 7. I double-click on the neo4j's icon but nothing happens. What do I do?

Had the same thing, was able to resolve it today.
There were some system updates that were needed - your installation may have been more current and not need all of these:

Read in different places that problem was likely with PowerShell version.
Best recommendation found was to upgrade to PowerShell Core 6.0, but there were some dependencies that required the following upgrades be made first in the order shown:

  1. required update to Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2
  2. required update to Windows Management Framework (WMF) 5.1
  3. then updated to Power Shell Core 6.0


  • need to read about each step on Microsoft site - some options may be dependent upon the current installed versions.
  • created a restore points along the way.
  • used *.msi option wherever possible.
  • required reboots after each step.
  • after this, simple tried Desktop icon again and it ran fine.
  • it's possible that you wouldn't have to do some of these steps, but seemed like a good idea to update system anyway.
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Hi, i experience the same issue.. just installed latest version of desktop and nothing happens after clicking the desktop icon... gradually it seems that installing and upgrading neo4j becomes more and more of an issue.. some versions/time ago upgrading desktop and the database was all smooth and easy going .. including the automated migration of the database .. but since a few versions i becomes more painfull and i always encountered issues with the desktop not starting, database migration failing (had to delete/reinstall the complete database) and now it even does not start at all anymore .... so i am going to follow you suggestios to get things going again ... (btw.. i see the neo4j desktop process running twice in the task manager)..

It seems that the desktop installer could use some improvement in the dependency checkers and a little more verbose logging when it's unhappy... If any of you could create an error specific issue on GitHub it would be helpful.

Hi, my question is simple: neo4j desktop only works on Windows 64 bits? Sorry if I am not in the correct topic, I am new here. :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the Community!

Yes Neo4j Desktop only works on 64-bit windows systems. An of course Linux and OS X.


Is there any other alternative to Neo4j desktop? An older version, or some generic graph DB manager to work with neo4j and cypher?