Inserting Neo4j Database in Desite MD (Neo4j Rest API)

Hello! I am a very new user of neo4j. First I would like to describe a little bit about what I am doing--I am making HTTP get request to connect between Desite MD and Neo4j. For example on desite md if i click on any building element of my model it would extract data (like GlobalId when I select Roof) from neo4j. Now since the GlobalId is known between Desite Md and Neo4j, I would like to extract the other parameteres from Neo4j (for example Elevation, Family Type). For this task I need to write a javascript (transfer of cypher) to get other attritbutes from Neo4j for that same element!!! I have tried so many javascripts but I am not getting any response!!! Could somebody guide me in the matter kindly? thank you

The REST endpoint /db/data/cypher is deprecated and will be removed in Neo4j 4.0.

The default choice is to go with the Neo4j Javascript Bolt driver, see Neo4j from JavaScript - Developer Guides.

If - for some reason - you need to use http, use the transactional cypher endpoint - that one will be in 4.0 as well.

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