Inserting bunch of data via C# SDK

Hi guys,

I'm new at the Graph DataBase world and also Neo4J.
Currently, I want to try to insert a bunch of data into my Database via multiple large cypher statements.
Whats the best way to generate this cypher statements. (Currently I have writing time of ~120 seconds for each dataset, but read more details below)

More Details:
I want to compare in my thesis Graph database vs. Relational database for a specific use case, where multiple components are linked together, For that I have created a big datamodel in C#.
Main points I want to check first are the reading/writing times in graph / relational database (with different steps (200 / 400 / 800 / 2000 / 4000 ....) .
After generating such a model I have a method which generates me a big cypher statement where I do multiple Merge Statements and create all nodes / relationships which are necessary.
(currently ~300-500 Lines of cypher statement)

This cypher statement is then send via C# SDK to the graph database to store the data.
I can also provide an example code, where you can try it yourself, and give me direct feedback to the created query.

I would be really happy for any hints / help / feedback to my query.
(provided query take > 60 Seconds to be stored in a fresh database, also with unique indices on each label)
Thanks Christian

ExampleScript.txt (23.6 KB)
CreateConstraints.txt (1.6 KB)

Currently, after further research, it seems to me, that creating the relationships is the bottleneck..
if I just create all the Nodes together, => Duration (106 Nodes, 127 labels, 330 properties 3185ms).

Than I make a Match statement for all created Nodes, and add the relationships. => Duration 106 Relationships 8363 ms)
Examplescript_splitted.txt (16.2 KB)
MatchNode_mergerelationship.txt (9.1 KB)