Index on DATE DESC or property DESC


I want the latest records from neo4j DB. But during a load test, I find as records increasing the performance of getting the latest records from DB decrease.
Is there any way to index on DATE DESC or property DESC like Informix or Oracle.
As per our requirement, we need the latest records from graph DB.

I have tried to create an index on it but no improvement.
Any help or suggestions really helps.

Saurabh Goyal

Hi Saurab,

Please check is the index hit occurred in Profile of the query.

Which version of Neo4j are you using?

I am using 4.0.4 Enterprise

I think you should be able to add an index that gets used for sorting purposes. Can you check that what you're doing is the same/similar to what's suggested in this article -

It is wondering Index not working on Timestamp property . But after Deleting & Recreate Index It is working. I does not why it was happen