Inconsistent results using WITH in query

an inconsistency I've encountered while doing exercise 5 on top of the movies db.

first query:
MATCH (m:Movie)<-[:ACTED_IN]-(a:Person)
WITH count(a) as numMovies, collect(m.title) as movies,a
WHERE numMovies = 5
RETURN, movies

resulting in a table with 3 rows.

second query:
MATCH (m:Movie)<-[:ACTED_IN]-(a:Person)
WITH count(a) as numMovies, m, a
WHERE numMovies = 5
RETURN, collect(m.title) as movies

returning no records.

the only difference is that I've declared the collect(m.title) in the with and not in the return.
There may be a convention in node4j that I'm not familiar with that may explain this but I would love your help to understand this situation.

thanks in advance!

Hi there,

Cypher doesn't have a group by like SQL. When you use aggregating functions, anything in your return clause that is not aggregated becomes part of the grouping.

In your second query WITH clause, you included both m and a. That means that you are grouping by both the move and the person. Since there is only one ACTED_IN relationship connecting an actor to an individual movie, numMovies is always equal to 1. You can run the following query to see why your WHERE clause is filtering out all of the data.

MATCH (m:Movie)<-[:ACTED_IN]-(a:Person)
RETURN count(a) as numMovies, m, a

Best wishes,

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