Importing graph tables from MSSQL

Hi. I am trying to import some parts of MSSQL's AdventureWorks database converted to graph tables and then run equivalent queries. I already have converted parts of the database I need to graph tables in MSSQL and here is my question: Is it possible to import these graph tables to Neo4j?

I have found and tried ways to import traditional relation tables, mainly ETL tool, however I have encountered many problems along the way.
Initial connection probles aside, the ETL tool only mapped around 80 percent of the tables in database. I have even tried MySQL and Postgres' version of the database, the same thing happened. Since I do not need the full database, after dropping some tables I realized that one of the tables I need is being mapped as relationship instead of node. I have managed to solve that issue by dropping a foreign key, but immediately encountered another, yet unsolved: some columns were not being mapped.

The easiest solution to my problems I could think of would be to map the graph tables, since I already have them prepared, but if that is not an option I would be extremely grateful if someone took the time and told me how to map the following tables from MSSQL's AdventureWorks2017: Sales.Customer Sales.Store Person.Person Production.Product Purchasing.Vendor; Sales.SalesOrderHeader Sales.SalesOrderDetail Purchasing.ProductVendor
If there are any other information I should provide or if the topic category is wrong please let me know.

Have you had a look at the examples of converting the Northwind database from SQL to Neo4j here: Tutorial: Import Relational Data Into Neo4j - Developer Guides