Import of ESRi spatial network/utility network

Is neo4j in any way integrated with ESRi spatial network/utility network when stored in an Oracle (spatial) database?
Or would a custom transformation & loading workflow be required?

in Neo4j 3.5, for openstreetmap they had osm plugins.
we also wanted intergration with ESRI. When we moved to neo4j 4.0, we are using custom XML loader.

hopefully neo4j will have an ESRI plugin down the line.

You can write your own custom transformation procedures and add it as a jar as plugins folder.You can invoke them through Generic ETL Tooling so in a way it will be your owned custom plugin.

But you do not mean ESRi Shapefile, but rather their full: utility network?
Sounds interesting. I will have to look into it.

@sameerG: do you have a link to an example JAR?

I have the link below to simulate the network

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I was referring to OSM XML files for custom transformation ->

we also wanted ESRI intergration, but Neo4j doesnt have it.

Create Layer
call spatial.addWKTLayer('geom', 'wkt')

call spatial.importShapefileToLayer('geom',"D:\Neo4j\ApplicationData\neo4jDatabases\database-02341e23-fad3-478a-a96c-b2020042c6ae\installation-3.5.14\import\abc.shp")