Import big Excel pivot table to Neo4j

I need to import a Excel-file that seems to be a "pivot-table" of sort.
It contains 6.000 rows representing objects (products), and the columns holds the properties for all types of objects.

call apoc.load.xls('file:///export.xlsx','Sheet1') yield map return * lists 1000 columns.

I am looking for a way to import this without explicitly listing all columns/properties if tis is possible?

Something like this:
call apoc.load.xls...
yield... something
create 'product' set properties = xls columns

Thanks in advance!

Are you attempting to import each row and just create nodes for each row? Or are you trying to create nodes and relationships?

Just adding a link to the documentation in case. I think using a mapping might help solve the issue.


see also and where apoc.load.xls yields a map you could do similar to

call apoc.load.xls('file:///export.xlsx','Sheet1') yield map  create (n:Product) set n += map;