How to write the document for the modeling using neo4j?

I want to use neo4j in my project, but I'm not clear how to write the document.

For the document, I mean that the mapping from the real world entity/rlt to the neo4j's node/rlt/prop etc.

What kind of tools should I use?

What's the usual procedure of the modeling process?

please give me some suggestion, thanks.

Hi @hf.jiang, Welcome to Neo4j Community.

this is the route I take (my 2 cents )

We document the translation from RDBMS to Neo4j as a Metadata Graph Database itself.(note this doesn't persist any data from the tables)

Data Import

What I do is I usually model the ETL process from RDBMS to CSV using Talend, which has a built in ETL mapper. The "tMap" component in Talend, gives you an understanding of the translation from your entity to csv, which inturn relates to Neo4j nodes/properties etc.
Then I load the CSV into Neo4j, using Talend to import CSV into Neo4j database.

Talend URL -> Talend Neo4j

hope this helps