How to write a cypher query

this is my first time using Neo4J, and I have been asked to 'write A Cypher query of my choice -with direction- that traverses relationship of my choice to demonstrate a result.' how can I do that? my graph uploaded

This looks like Neo4j Bloom. That's good for visualizing the graph and exploring it without having to know much about Cypher, but it's not necessarily a good tool for learning and executing Cypher.

You should instead launch the Neo4j Browser. When you log into your instance via the Neo4j Browser, you should see a startup card with a few options. The one on the far right should be something like Cypher Basics which will walk you through a tutorial about what Cypher queries and syntax look like, with the ability to click on the examples to prep them for execution. The tutorial card should end with links to more advanced tutorials and additional Cypher resources. This approach is the best way to get hands on with Cypher especially when you have no prior experience.

The tutorials should give you enough info about what the syntax looks like, that you should be able to take one of the snippets provided and change the relationship types and labels such that they refer to patterns in your own graph, then you can execute those and make sure they do what you want.