How to use composite keys with neo4j-import


We plan to do our import using the neo4j-import but the uniqueness of the nodes is given by the composite key of 2 properties. I haven't been able to find how to specify composite keys with neo4j-import.

Is it something like (key1, key2):ID? what would be the exact format of the header and the CSV files? Or should I create a surrogate key by concatenating 2 keys "key1+key2" and using that as an anonymous ID and later create the indexes on the composite keys?

I've recently just completed a similar activity. I chose to prepare my data by concatenating the composite key for the :ID field for the import process. Then once the data was loaded I went in later and defined all the node keys and other indexes that I wanted in my graph.

I used Pentaho CE as my ETL tool to extract the data, transform, and prepare the CSVs for loading into Neo4j.