How to specify to connect to a particular database name in enterprise version when using BOLT

I was trying to give the Fine-grained permissions in enterprise version .So I have different databases for different purposes .How do I specify the bolt config to point to a different database instead of neo4j?

[yz@hostname ~]$ env | grep NEO






This will connect directly to “neo4j” default database which is not a surprise .But how will I specify in bolt to connect to a different database ?

bolt://{NEO4J_DB_HOST}:{NEO4J_DB_PORT}/NEO4J_DB_NAME -- tried this didn't work

Any help will be appreciated


Which driver/tool are you using to connect? You have to pass the database name to that tool, it doesn't go in the connection string..

If you are using neo4j 3.5, it is impossible. If you are using neoj 4.0, it has support for multi-database and will be selectable per session but the python driver is in beta.

You could change the database you want to use in the conf neo4j file on your server.