How to query for a graph containing a specific node?

Hi All,

I'm new for Neo4j and graph. I have a dataset which contains 5000+ nodes and edges. Some of the nodes are connected and some are not. Now i want to search for a graph that containing a specific node, that is, a graph the nodes connected one by one and one of them is the node I wanted. is there any one can help me for this task? many thanks.

I think it might help to have a quick look through this guide that explains how to query a dataset:

And then if anything doesn't make sense, I can try to help explain it.

@markhneedham thank you very much for your quickly reply, i will walk through it soon.

@markhneedham hi i've walked through the article you shared. it's very helpful. But i still have this question. How to get a subgraph which contains a certain node? I suppose I should use APOC, but cloud you pls give me some more advise? many thanks.

So do you mean you want to get a certain node and then find the sub graph around that node?

yes it is. do you have any idea about this?