How to project all properties easily?

Hi guys.
I googled with these terms but cannot find anything.
Is there any way to do it like this?:
call gds.graph.create( 'aprojection' , ['Anode', 'Bnode'], ['AREL', 'BREL'], {nodeProperties: "", relationshopProperties: ""})
If I run it like that I got an error and cannot do it.
< Note > The asterisk inside quotations are not be displayed as I typed.

Not sure if it's what you are looking for as you are using apoc but you can project all the properties of a node using properties(node).

Thank you for the reply to my question.
I know I can project node properties inside node mapping. My question is to check any possibility to do it more compact way using * asterisk. If there is no compact way like that, it's okay.

I don't think that's currently possible, but it's on our roadmap to revisit the * projection syntax to make life easier. I'll post when that feature becomes available!

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Thank you for the answer!