How to make case-insensitive filtering using neo4j-graphql-js?

I'm trying to implement an Apollo GraphQL query where I use filters to search for different sub-strings inside my type's fields. I want this filtering to be case-insensitive. How could I potentially achieve that?
I tried to implement it with Neo4j's built-in full-text search only to realise that filtering is then disabled and I need additional filtering to refine search results based on other non-text attributes of a type.

filter: {
          AND: [
            { imgUrl_not: null },
              OR: [
                { title_contains: searchQuery },
                { summary_contains: searchQuery },
                { subtitle_contains: searchQuery },
                { description_contains: searchQuery },

Anyone have ideas about this? I have the same question about case insensitive filtering. Thanks.

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A little bump to see if there's any news regarding this.