How to assign username as the node label for users node as per given graph?

Because as per query I didn't assign genre as the node label here

I want to out username as the label for "users" node and show that a particular user is interested in(Relationship) the book twilight where genre is romance .
Genre adventure was assigned randomly in the above dataset. Please ignore that

your question is not clear but as per my understanding , you want to work on below query

MATCH (n:USERS{name:'---your choice', genre:'romance'})-[:intreseted_in]->(m:BOOK{name:'twilight'})

if i am wrrong then elaborate your query please

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Sorry I forgot to add my query. I am not manually adding nodes/names/properties. I am trying to add relationship to already existing nodes : Users(ID,FavGenre) and Books(ID,Genre,Title etc etc). Yes similar to what you said I want to show users(name) -Interestedin{genre}-Twilight . Can you please respond to my doubt now ?