How to apply rules on incoming triplets in Neo4j graph?

Given a rule I build in a graph like (Running Decision Trees in Neo4j):

In the above graph model, we have a tree, this is what our decisions are going to fit into, and we have the first rule. The first rule asks: Are you age 21 or older? If the answer is true, then you go down to the yes node. From the IS_TRUE relationship, you are allowed to get into the club.

If the answer is false, and you are not age 21 or older, then we check something else. We then ask: Are you 18 or older?

Then the gender equals some gender, and we don’t know what that is just yet. And if that’s true, then that is great. That means that you are allowed to get in as well. However, if it’s false, out you go. You are not allowed in.

How can I apply these kind of rules on new triplets that will come inside the graph (node-relation-node)?