How to add index and rename index name with apoc'CREATE INDEX idx_name FOR (n:Lable) ON (', {})
Error: Schema operations are not allowed for user 'neo4j' with roles [admin] restricted to TOKEN_WRITE.
2.apoc.schema.assert() cant rename index name

other function can update index name ??

Hello @Noone and welcome to the Neo4j community :slight_smile:

You can't rename an index, you must delete it and create the new one with the new name.


hi , Thanks for your reply ~ how can i create the a new index with new index_name . i just want to create a new index , but dont know how to set a index_name with apoc

Wait, are you talking about indexes or properties? If it's indexes, you don't need APOC for this :slight_smile:

indexes . In my java project , use apoc manage neo4j data , so i want to use APOC add index and idx_name , like "CREATE INDEX idx_name FOR (n:Lable) ON ("

What do you absolutely want to use APOC? You can write a Cypher query for this.