How can we set username and password in spring boot neo4j programmatically

How can we set username and password in spring boot neo4j programmatically?

Assuming you are using Spring Data Neo4j 5 from the other topics, you can define your own SessionFactory or just the Configuration bean. This is usually done by the Spring Boot starter / auto configuration for you, but will not produce it if you are providing it manually.
So either:

public class Neo4jConfig {

	public SessionFactory sessionFactory() {
		org.neo4j.ogm.config.Configuration config =
		new org.neo4j.ogm.config.Configuration.Builder().credentials("neo4j", "secret").uri("neo4j://localhost:7687").build();
		return new SessionFactory(config, "com.myappliction");


public class Neo4jConfig {

	public org.neo4j.ogm.config.Configuration configuration(){
		return new org.neo4j.ogm.config.Configuration.Builder().credentials("neo4j", "secret").uri("neo4j://localhost:7687").build();

would work for you.

Can we use sdn 6 with spring boot 2.3.5?

No, this is unfortunately not possible.
Spring Data Neo4j 6 is based on the newest Spring Data commons that are based on the new version of the Spring framework itself. So the only way to not run into dependency versions issues is to upgrade to Spring Boot 2.4.

Hi Gerrit! I am moving from spring boot 2.3 to 2.4.(neo4j 6)
In 2.3 i had the database authentication set by the org.neo4j.ogm.config.Configuration as you described above(but pulled from vault programatically). And then that was given into the SessionFactory, which was given into the Neo4jTransactionManager.

I am not really in the clear yet, about what all that does, i am just tasked to upgrade spring boot.

I guess the main question for me here is: how can i set the credentials as before - as the Configuration bean is not avaiable anymore?
I see that it should be provided in the application.yaml, but if i am pulling the password from vault from a VaultService bean, then i cant write it in there.

The other question would be, SessionFactory/Neo4jTransactionManager are now autoconfigured and i dont have to set those right?

( cool videos:D)

Basically yes: The Neo4jTransactionManager will get auto-created for you. There is no need for a (Neo4j-OGM) SessionFactory anymore.

You should create a Driver bean instead.

public Driver driver(/* Here you could access the Vault properties */) {
	AuthToken authToken = AuthTokens.basic(/* Vault user */, /* Vault password */);
	String boltUri = "bolt..." /* or also coming from Vault */;
	/* Optional and only if needed for further driver configuration */
	Config config = Config.builder().build();
	return GraphDatabase.driver(boltUri, authToken, config);

Disclaimer: There might be a more convenient way to use the Vault in combination with Spring Boot to set the properties like spring.neo4j.uri, ...username, ...password directly, but I am not very experienced with it.


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