How can i train the data using multilinear regression algorithm on neo4j?

I had a dataset of students, i want to predict the grade of the students for given attributes. I can load data into neo4j.
But how can I train the data using a regression model on neo4j?

You can use the python driver to extract your data from Neo4j, and use your preferred ML library. Here's an example from our developer guides: Link Prediction with GDSL and scikit-learn - Developer Guides

Hi, it is difficult to understand, can you suggest to me another article which from scratch.
I am a beginner to neo4j. I had good knowledge on ML


Here is an article on using extensions in Neo4j to perform multilinear regression. Hope this helps!

I agree with Dr. Frame here. I think you would get better results by implementing the official Neo4j python driver to extract your results and use an ML library like scikit-learn.

Best of luck!

1 Like if you're struggling with the developers guide, perhaps you could try the Python notebook that's linked: GitHub - neo4j-examples/link-prediction: This repository contains both Jupyter notebooks for solving a link prediction problem using Neo4jā€™s Graph Data Science Library and scikit-learn.

Another example you can follow is Using GraphSAGE embeddings for downstream classification model | by Tomaz Bratanic | Towards Data Science

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