How can I display a value of a relation

(Red) #1

Hey folks,

I'm new in Neo4j and so I'm still playing arround.

The problem: I have a node named person and a node named book. The relationship between the two nodes is called favorite. This relationship has an order how much a person likes the book.

Now I want to return the name of the person, the name of the book and the integer-value how much the person likes the book, but I don't get it.

Thanks a lot,

(Andrew Bowman) #2

Perhaps you can show us the data in your graph, and also add the queries you've tried so far, that can help us figure out where the misunderstanding is.

(Michael Hunger) #3

In general:

MATCH (p:Person)-[fav:FAVORITE]->(b:Book)
RETURN, fav.rating, b.title

Did you check out the Cypher guide

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