Hi, Lennert from Brussels Belgium

Hey everyone!

I'm glad to be part of the Neo4j community! I discovered Neo4j a year ago when I wanted to calculate the shortest path between any two artists on Spotify, you can find the final result here: artist connections. If you want more info about this project, check out this blog post.
In my professional life, I work as a full-stack developer for the Borealis Digital Studio. I got quite some experience with React, GraphQL and Apollo so using the GRANDstack feels very natural. I also wrote a blog post on how to transform a rest service to a graph service if you are interested.
Currently, I'm based in Brussels, Belgium. I love hiking, I have a passion for photography and I play the saxophone.
Nice to meet you!

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Hi Lennert
Welcome; if you need any help kindly let me know
Best rgds
Met vriendelijke groet