Hi, I'm Paul from www.flipidea.co, an early-stage DaaS startup from Brunei

Hello everyone,

It's an absolute honour and pleasure to join this wonderful community.

My team and I at Flipidea are building a Data-as-a-Service platform offering analytical information about business failures.

Put simply, we analyse failures.

We're very new to this amazing technology and community. So we're a noob! :slight_smile:

Therefore, we can't wait to learn and grow with everyone along the way.

Do take care of yourself and stay safe, folks!

Discover insights from business failures

Hi Paul, glad to have you onboard.


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Hey Eric,

Thank you very much! Have a great week ahead :sun_with_face:


Hi Paul, nice business :slight_smile:

when I start to know Neo4j I was impressed from the academy:

The program for learning is progressive and have a long-time support, you can see better in the certification program : Neo4j Certified Professional | Free Neo4j Courses from GraphAcademy



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Hey Alessio,

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and recognition of our work, truly much grateful. :pray:

Nice, will have a go at the tutorials and certification programs.

Again, thanks very much Alessio for your kind assistance and guidance.

Have a great week ahead, and take care.

Paul from Flipidea (pronounced as 'flee-pee-dia')

Hi Paul!

Welcome! I have found that some of the resources provided by GraphAware really compliment Neo4j's Academy content. I hope you find them useful.

Kind regards,