Hi! I'm Maxime from France :)

Hello Neo4j community :slight_smile:

I am a research and development officer for the startup Data Nostra since april 2019 and I discovered Neo4j at the same time :slight_smile: Since, we have been using Neo4j products on all our projects. To be honest I found this technology really cool and simple and at the moment, I have not been disapointed by Neo4j.

My areas of expertise are artificial intelligence and data science :blush:, and I try to improve my knowledge in Neo4j database and Cypher. I joined this forum to help but also to learn new things :slight_smile: So generally, you will see me on topics related to Neo4j installation / configuration, Python, Cyphers, APOC plugin and Graph Data Science plugin :slight_smile:

Currently, we have one project that I can show you :see_no_evil: , it is a basketball website based on Neo4j technology. The aim of Viziball is to provide an innovative way to visualize basketball data thanks to data science. We are preparing a new version of it but you can of course submit your ideas or critics about it: Viziball

See you on the forum!


Hi Maxime
Welcome and thanks for sharing
Best rgds

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