Hi from Marco Liberati

(Dej611) #1

Hi all,

this is Marco Liberati, a web developer from Rome, Italy.

I've been working with graphs since 2012, first in the network visualization space and later that year I came to know Neo4J. I really like to play with Javascript and analyze data, more in general connected data, where a graph database comes really handy.

I am one of the founders of GraphRM, a meetup about connected data in Rome, Italy, where we talk about graphdb, graph visualization and anything that can have relationships.

I'm glad to meet you all here :wave:

(Adam Cowley) #2

Benvenuto Marco! Hopefully your meetup will coincide with my next trip to Rome.

(Dej611) #3


We keep all meetup information here: https://www.meetup.com/GraphRM/
Next event is already lined up for September 13th about Elastic and Neo4J.

DM me when you're coming. :slight_smile:

(Moji Tavoni) #4

Benvenuto Marco! questo รจ fantastico :crossed_fingers: