Hey Kriek here :)

Hey everyone,

My name is Kriek, I'm a data engineer consultant at Capgemini looking into both Machine learning and Graph databases. As such I'm going to take the neo4j certified proffesional and the neo4j data science tests :slight_smile:

Little more about me:
I finished a Master's in Astrophysics so if anyone has some questions about the universe hmu :slight_smile:
I like to play dnd and I also traveled to Japan for 6 months studying the language there


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Hi @kriekvdmeulen ,

Welcome to the Neo4j community!

Hm, random question: where do you stand on the observation that "the universe is a graph"? Are relationships what make reality real?

Glad to have you join. For practical questions about running Neo4j, we'll be happy to help. :slight_smile: